Secured Cloud Solution

When you need cloud computing, our patent-pending secured cloud solution can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

More companies are turning to cloud computing and virtualization to provide rapid provisioning, agility, and cost savings. However, these benefits also introduce privacy and security risks—businesses may not always know where their data is or who can access it. DareLab provides distinctive data protection for cloud and virtual environments using encryption with policy-based key management and unique server validation. This protection safely and easily secures sensitive data stored with leading cloud service providers, including Amazon EC2, Dell, Eucalyptus, and NTT America, as well as VMware vCloud and any virtual environment.

DareLab Secured Cloud Solution provides a patent-pending, key management system that enables you to set policies that determine where and when encrypted data can be accessed. In addition, server validation applies identity and integrity rules when servers request access to secure storage volumes. SecureCloud’s simple approach safely delivers encryption keys to valid devices without the need to deploy an entire file system and management infrastructure.

With DareLab Secured Cloud Solution, you can protect sensitive information in cloud and virtual environments from theft, unauthorized exposure, or unapproved geographic migration to other data centers. This protection helps support internal governance and ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB and PCI DSS. SecureCloud also features FIPS 140-2 certification to support government agencies and companies that mandate high security standards.

The DareLab Secured Cloud Solution key management and data encryption solution is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as a software application. By giving your business control of its own keys, SecureCloud gives you the freedom to encrypt data in virtual data centers or in the cloud, and even to move between cloud vendors without being tied to any one provider’s encryption system.